About Us

Rejwan Eyewear was an idea that was founded in 2004, and established in 2012. With a clear vision in mind, Dr. Sol Regwan knew exactly what challenges he was up against.

As an experienced Optometrist for 12 years, he has the unique ability to create frames that flatter and accentuate different face shapes. Dr. Sol Regwan's goal was to design comfortable and affordable, yet fashionable eyewear.

A dream to make glasses that were less of a necessity and more of an accessory was fulfilled. Rejwan Eyewear provides you with high-quality frames, including lenses, at a fraction of the price found elsewhere.

Apart from saving you money, he aspired to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc. This is a world-wide charity producing important new knowledge on the eye and its diseases, bringing hope to millions threatened with loss of sight.